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We’re Gonna Build A House

July 7, 2017 by eroberts

During DT sessions we have been looking at construction and what materials objects are made out of. Our focus has been houses and we have looked at what material will make a house strong along with the other materials in the house.  This week we had a go at building our own houses, in groups, out of cardboard boxes. We had to remember to include doors and windows along with a chimney.

We would like you to comment by voting on which house you think is the best!

House 1 is the house number 5. It has lots of windows and a door.  It has a large chimney.

House 2 is a barn conversion.  It even has smoke coming out of the chimney.

House 3 is number 20.  It has a cage on the top of the chimney to stop birds coming in.

House 4 is the KFC house.  The chimney is central.

House 5 is the Mamia house. It has solar panels on the roof.

We look forward to seeing which house comes out on top.

Have a good weekend

Love Class 2 x x x 🙂

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