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  1. ‘What’s in the media’

    September 21, 2017 by eroberts

    We have had a fantastic week in Class 2! It sure has flown by! This week our class blog will be letting you all know about how we are getting on in our Citizenship lessons. We have had a great week of really getting to know ‘what’s in the media’. We begin our Citizenship lesson as a whole class sat in a circle all understanding about what we might find in the media. After our discussion we get stuck in with our groups.

    Some of us have been working together using our excellent cutting and sticking skills by picking out articles from newspapers which will become a collage for our news studio backdrop.

    A small group of us have also been picking articles from newspapers and using our own voices to make a headline onto switches.


    Homework task : This weeks homework task is linked to both our Citizenship and D.T lessons. We would like you all to practice your cutting skills with help from an adult. Please feel free to send in any photographs to the class 2 email.

    We all hope you have a fantastic weekend and we look forward to hearing all your weekend news on Monday 🙂

    Love Class 2 x x x x

  2. Volcanoes & Earthquakes

    September 14, 2017 by eroberts

    It has been a busy week in Class 2! During Geography we have been learning all about volcanoes and earthquakes. The children got stuck in and really enjoyed learning how to make an eruption! It was very messy but lots of fun! Also during the circle discussion we experienced what an earthquake would feel like. We each had hold of the parachute and shook it whilst listening to different noises of an earthquake. We also sat on vibrating cushions to learn how it would feel in an earthquake.

    We were investigating reactions and using the following ingredients: vinegar, baking soda, shaving foam & play do to form an eruption of our own.

    Homework task: The homework task for this week will be to take pictures of different textiles around your houses such as curtains, towels and furniture.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone!

    Love Class 2 🙂 x x x

  3. Its September again!

    September 7, 2017 by eroberts

    Welcome back Class 2! We all hope you had a fantastic summer holiday and had lots of fun! The pupils this week have been eager to get back into their learning, enjoying all the activities we have been doing and getting to know their new friends within class. The creative curriculum theme for this term is ‘Witches’ so we will be embracing this within all our subjects! During this half term our class Literacy story is called ‘Winnie’s Magic Wand’, in Geography we are learning all about volcanoes and earthquakes, in Design Technology we are learning about textiles and will be making our own purses, in Numeracy will be learning about money during the first part of the half term and then during the second part of the half term learning about time. During our Science lessons we will be learning about sound and hearing, in Citizenship we are learning about what’s in the news (in the media) and developing our French number knowledge and skills. And last but not least during our Religious Education lessons this half term we are learning about life’s journey.

    We hope you all have a great weekend and we look forward to hearing your news on Monday!

    Love Class 2 x x 🙂 x x

  4. End of the Year!

    July 21, 2017 by eroberts

    The end of the year has finally come.  We have worked very hard in Class 2 over the year and everyone should be proud of their achievements. We have ended the year by continuing our learning, revisiting our favourite activities and generally having some fun!

    We will be sad to lose some members of our class as they move onto crossroads next year.  We are sure that they will have lots of fun and achieve even more than this year.  We will be happy to see the other children (and staff) back into class 2 in September and welcome new members.

    Have a great summer holidays and keep safe.

    Love Class 2 x x x 🙂

  5. We’re Going To The Zoo

    July 14, 2017 by eroberts

    Well we have already been to the zoo! Last Friday we went on a class educational visit to Blackpool Zoo. It was a great day and the weather was kind to us, it only began to rain as we were leaving.

    We started by going to watch the sea lion display. As it was a long wait for it to start, we enjoyed taking some photographs of the sea lions and of course some ‘selfies’ as well as tucking into a bag of sweets. We enjoyed the display and then went to have our lunch. After lunch we explored the zoo some more, seeing a wide variety of animals and learning about the habitats in which they live. All of us were intrigued by different ones and we even saw some dinosaurs during our visit. To finish the day we were treated to an ice lolly which we thoroughly enjoyed (and some even ate the teachers ice creams too).

    We hope you enjoy looking at our photographs from this visit and have a fantastic weekend!

    Love Class 2 x x x 🙂


  6. We’re Gonna Build A House

    July 7, 2017 by eroberts

    During DT sessions we have been looking at construction and what materials objects are made out of. Our focus has been houses and we have looked at what material will make a house strong along with the other materials in the house.  This week we had a go at building our own houses, in groups, out of cardboard boxes. We had to remember to include doors and windows along with a chimney.

    We would like you to comment by voting on which house you think is the best!

    House 1 is the house number 5. It has lots of windows and a door.  It has a large chimney.

    House 2 is a barn conversion.  It even has smoke coming out of the chimney.

    House 3 is number 20.  It has a cage on the top of the chimney to stop birds coming in.

    House 4 is the KFC house.  The chimney is central.

    House 5 is the Mamia house. It has solar panels on the roof.

    We look forward to seeing which house comes out on top.

    Have a good weekend

    Love Class 2 x x x 🙂

  7. Special Days

    June 30, 2017 by eroberts

    This week has seen Class 2 involved in 2 special day events.

    On Tuesday we celebrated healthy living and well being day. The day started with us all being treated to a healthy breakfast. Some of us took part in some physical exercise in the swimming pool. We all then went to the hall where there were physical activity stations. We enjoyed trying out the different equipment. There was also a lot of food stations. On one we had to work out how many sugar cubes were in different drinks; this was very thought provoking. Morrisons had another table where they had brought a selection of healthy foods for us to sample. We all enjoyed trying the different fruit, vegetables, crackers and breads available. In the afternoon some of us had a sensory story with a healthy eating related theme, whilst the rest of the class spent time designing their own healthy ice cream, thinking about what flavours and toppings they could add.

    On Thursday it was fire safety day where we all went through to the hall to listen to a firefighter tell us about how to keep safe and the dangers of fire. Back in class we created tissue paper fires, sorted items into safe to play with and not and tried to complete a fire related word search.

    It has been an extremely busy but fun filled week.

    Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday.

    Love Class 2 x x x 🙂

  8. MADD Week

    June 27, 2017 by eroberts

    Last week was MADD week. MADD stands for Music, Art, Dance and Drama. During this week we got very creative focusing on the urban theme. Over the course of the week we took part in activities within class, as well as visitors  coming in to school to share their skills with us. This year Class 2 took part in:

    • Street floor chalk art
    • Making biscuits and decorating them in a graffiti style
    • Making an urban STOMP dance video
    • Mimi came to teach us street dance
    • We had a performance from Britain’s Got Talent’s very own Thomas Bounce
    • A music session with John Morrow
    • We took part in a Drama session with Alex, which we went on a journey pretending to travel on a train, getting caught in a rain shower and then buying an ice cream, before having to return back to the train station in order to get home
    • We created our names on canvas in the style of graffiti
    • Decorated graffiti t-shirts
    • Took part in a music session with Anna
    • AND finally the week ended with an urban rave/garden party! This was yet again another fantastic week and enjoyed by all staff and pupils!


    Love Class 2 🙂 x x x

  9. Summer Is Nearly Here!

    June 9, 2017 by eroberts

    Where has the last school year gone? It seems unreal that we are in our final half term of this academic year, they say time flies when your having fun! This weeks blog will let you know what we will be learning about this half term. The overall theme is still Africa and we will be using this as a basis for our work. This half term also sees many special events happening including Maths is Fun Day, MADD week, our open evening, Sports Day and transition morning.  We will have to work hard to make sure we continue our learning while all of these happen.

    Our learning this term is:

    • Literacy – Using the story “We’re Going On A Lion Hunt” to work on our listening skills.
    • Numeracy – learning about position and direction and then our counting skills at the end of term.
    • Science – We will continue the work we did last term by looking more closely at our bodies and naming different parts and what they are used for.
    • PSD – Learning about exercise and why it is important. We will also try lots of different exercises.
    • History – Our topic is Ancient Egyptians and we will learn all about their daily life and some of their stories.
    • RE – We will be learning about Buddhism and their place of worship. We will also compare this to the Christian place of worship that we learnt about last half term.
    • DT – We will be learning about constructing houses and shelters before making some of our own using lots of different building materials.
    • Computing – Our learning will focus on Communication and Networks.  We will find out about different ways people communicate on the internet as well as face to face.
    • French – We will continue our work on music by learning some other songs and different instruments.

    Have a great weekend!

    Love Class 2 x x x 🙂

  10. It’s Half Term!

    May 27, 2017 by eroberts

    It has been a busy final week of the half term in Class 2.  We have finished our learning in some subjects while in others we will continue with them after the break.  During Literacy we have finished eating all the different fruits associated with our story.  Some we have enjoyed while others were new tastes for us.  In Science we brought all of the learning we had done together by having a senses test.  We had to be blindfolded and see if we could work out what we had tasted, heard, smelt or touched, we were absolutely fantastic at this!

    As a special treat we went to Kirkham Park on Monday to spend time enjoying the sunshine with our friends to develop our communication, social and independence skills and throughout this half term have enjoyed using the outside environment to continue our learning and of course enjoy the glorious weather.

    Thank you to all parents who have sent in sun cream it is really useful to apply this to ensure the children are safe when out in the sun and guess what? ………….. We actually got to use it for the first time this year at the beginning of the week 🙂

    Let’s hope that the sun continues to shine and it is a glorious half term holiday. Only one more half term before the summer holidays!

    Love Class 2 x x x 🙂

    HOMEWORK TASK:- The homework task for half term is simple but effective. We want the children to have lots of fun and stay safe over the half term and of course catch up on some much needed sleep in preparation for returning to school ready to continue our learning for the last half term of this academic year. If photographs or notes could be sent in so that we know what they have been doing over the holidays that would be excellent.