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  1. ‘Ho Ho Ho’ 2 weeks to go!

    December 8, 2017 by eroberts

    As we get closer to our Christmas holidays we have been extra busy throughout this week. We began the week by having our very last rehearsal for our Christmas nativity performance. All the teachers were amazed at how well everyone has done this year & we are certain it will be the best yet! We all hope you enjoy watching your children perform and you all should be very proud of them 🙂

    On Tuesday we spent the day collecting up all the items that had been sent in (donated) for our tinsel trolley. We spent the afternoon in the hall taking part in Christmas based activities against other classes in school. We began by collecting all Class 2’s donated items and seeing how many items we had in total. We had an amazing amount of 164 items in our trolley so a massive thank you to all parents that sent in any items for this! After counting all the items we then played a few games which included scooter board racing to collect presents and other Christmas related items, a tinsel dressing activity, a target throwing activity which involved having to throw a tennis ball at a target area (Rudolph the red nosed reindeers nose) and then points were also awarded to the class who had the best Christmas jumper on!

    On Wednesday the children enjoyed their Christmas dinner in the hall. We wore party hats, pulled crackers, listened to Christmas music and had a lot of Christmas fun! The children said the dinner was very yummy 🙂

    Also during this week we have continued our Literacy work around the story ‘Room on the Broom’, learnt more about how to keep ourselves clean and healthy in PSD and also during French have continued our fantastic number work in French using our own Debbie’s Brew story, counting th different number of items she includes in making her cup of tea. So overall Class 2 have had a very busy week and we look forward to seeing you all next week at our Christmas nativity.

    This week’s homework whilst your out and about is to follow instructions from a family member to take a picture using a digital camera, mobile phone or iPad.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone 🙂

    x x x x




  2. Lancaster school trip

    December 1, 2017 by eroberts

    Wow what a busy few days we have had in Class 2!

    This weeks blog will be letting you all know what we have been doing in several of our lessons and of course our successful educational visit last Friday.

    During our History lessons this half term we have been learning all about the Vikings and how they dressed, what food they liked to eat, what they did for work and the daily life of a Viking. We thought it was a perfect opportunity to go to the Lancaster Maritime Museum to help us learn a little bit more. Whilst we were there we met a real life Viking called Eric. It was very interesting to listen to him and the children interacted with him really well. He showed us what kind of food they ate and how they made it. We also got shown a variety of weapons such as swords, axes and chain mail armour, how to make wool and tried on different items of clothing.

    During PSD we have been learning all about how to have good personal hygiene and keep ourselves clean during our day to day life. During this lesson over the next couple of weeks we will be understanding what we need to do to maintain good personal hygiene. We will be taking part in activities such as cleaning our teeth, washing our faces, washing our hair, keeping our feet clean and brushing our hair. This week the children enjoyed using the foot spas at Olivia & Eleanor’s beauty salon in class. The children had so much fun, as you can see we got carried away with the bubble bath WOOPS! 🙂

    This weeks homework is for everybody to send in a picture of you cleaning your teeth! 🙂

    We hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy yourselves. Whilst your out and about at the weekend please don’t forget to send in some pictures for our class news on Monday so we can share it with your friends 🙂

    Love Class 2 x x x

  3. New half term

    November 21, 2017 by eroberts

    Welcome back Class 2!

    Class 2 have come back from their short break ready to get back into learning with all of our different activities planned. It was nice to hear all of the different activities all the children had been doing over the half term! It sounded like you all had so much fun with your families.

    This week we have got stuck in with the planning of our Christmas nativity. All of our children got given their different roles for the performance. We have been really busy rehearsing and the children are so excited to show their families.

    Towards the end of last week we got a special visit from Pudsey the bear. We was all so happy to meet Pudsey and it was a great surprise! On Friday the whole school raised money for Children in Need and had a cake sale. We all had a little treat and enjoyed a scrumptious cake for snack time YUM!.

    Class 2 apologies that the blog is a little short this week we have been extra busy! We will make sure that next week we will let you all know what we have been doing in our lessons!

    Have a lovely weekend everyone!

    Love Class 2 🙂 x x x


  4. Next half term is a scary thought!

    October 27, 2017 by eroberts

    Well what a fun packed Halloween week Class 2 have had!

    This week Class 2’s blog will be letting you all know how we have celebrated Halloween. This week the class was introduced to our new Literacy story ‘Room on the Broom’. The children really enjoy getting stuck in with all the different resources. Throughout the story we get chance to taste, feel and smell a variety of props related to Room on the Broom.

    Our sensory group this week have also enjoyed a story about a witch’s cauldron in our sensory room. The story is about making the smelliest cauldron by exploring props using the different senses such as smell, touch, hear, taste and sight.


    Now what would Halloween be like if we didn’t carve a pumpkin? On Wednesday we each got stuck in and had a competition to see who could carve the best pumpkin. We had spiders, witches, ghosts and cats. They were all so fantastic and we were very impressed by everyone’s carving skills. Some of us even had a taste of the pumpkin and we were sure it wasn’t the yummiest food we had eaten, YUK!


    This week’s music lesson has also been filled with spooky activities. We danced to spooky ghost music and played hide and seek to scare one another. Our favourite part of music was singing to ‘Dem bones’ and learning all about where our different bones are in our bodies. We used the instruments by shaking, scraping and tapping to make sounds of the skeleton bones.


    Our grand finale was our Halloween themed party. We had lots of fun playing spooky games, eating delicious food and seeing our carved pumpkins light up the room. It was lovely to see the children smiley faces as they watched their pumpkin shine brightly.

    Thanks to all the parents who sent their children to school in their amazing Halloween costumes! They all looked spooky tastic!

    Class 2 hope you all have a lovely half term and get up to lots of fun with your families.

    See you all next half term!

    Love Class 2 x x x



  5. One more week to go!

    October 20, 2017 by eroberts

    What another busy week in Class 2!

    During our week we have been really busy in all of our lessons. We started the week by celebrating Diwali and how the world celebrates it. We learnt all about the festival of lights and how people attend firework displays every year. We spent our lesson dressing in different Hindu outfits,listening to fireworks sounds, greeting our friends with a light and of course having a little dance.

    This term Class 2 have been really enjoying their music lessons. We have been learning all about shake,tap,beat & scrape. During this lesson we each have different types of instruments and understand how we use them. We have each decorated ourselves a cone to make different noises through which we all really enjoy doing with our friends.

    We finished off our Geography lesson this week by having our own experiment on which can make the best eruption between orange,lemonade,diet cola & cola with mentos. We each had our own prediction on which bottle would win and we was all so excited to see how far it went in the air. 

    We hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy yourselves. Whilst your out and about at the weekend please don’t forget to send in some news so we can share it with your class! One more week to go! 🙂

    Love Class 2 x x x

  6. Speak out. Stay safe.

    October 12, 2017 by eroberts

    This week Class 2 have kick started their week with a ‘Speak Out, Stay Safe’ week.

    During our week we have been learning all about how to keep ourselves safe. We started our Monday morning with an assembly led by Chris Dunn from the NSPCC. We all found out the best ways to keep ourselves safe and Buddy the mascot helped us understand.

    During our lessons in class we have also been doing some activities all to do with NSPCC. We have been looking at friendly faces who we can talk to if we need to talk to somebody and we have been learning all about our emotions.

    On Wednesday we went into Kirkham for a Fragile X Syndrome awareness walk. On our way back from our walk we decided to have a small treat in the book,bean & ice cream cafe and enjoyed a small ice cream each. 

    We hope you all have a lovely weekend, Lots of love Class 2 🙂 x x x



    October 5, 2017 by eroberts

    What a great half term we are having in Class 2!

    This week our class blog will let you know how well we are doing in some of our different lessons. In Literacy this term we have been reading ‘Winnie’s Magic Wand’. We really enjoy this story and we all get really involved. We all take turns in trying the different witches outfits on, we fly around on a magical broom stick, we taste the apple from the apple tree and we all wave the magic wand and shout ‘ABRACADABRA’.

    In Music this half term we have been exploring different ways of making sounds using the actions shake, tap and beat with different instruments. We have been joining in with our music song ‘I am a wooden puppet’ using our arms and legs pretending to be a puppet.

    In P.E a group of us have had a coach from A.F.C Fylde Community Foundation teaching us gymnastics. The children have really enjoyed taking part and learning different ways of using their bodies to move in different ways both on the floor and on pieces of equipment. In our sensory group we have been exploring a variety of different tactile items and taking part in different exercises and stretches.

    Homework task: For your homework this weekend it is linked to Science and Music. We would like you to use your ears and listen to different sounds that you can hear around your house. Also if your out and about at the weekend listen to what you can hear outdoors around you. Have fun!

    Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday for another fun filled week

    Love Class 2 🙂 x x x


  8. Shake, Rattle & Roll

    September 29, 2017 by eroberts

    Wow what a busy week in Class 2 we have had!

    During our Geography lessons we have been continuing our focus on Volcanoes and Earthquakes! We headed out to the adventure playground to make our own Volcanic eruption! We used a bottle of Diet Coke and carefully emptied a tube of mentos mints into the bottle using a geyser tube. We then stood back and watched from a safe distance. The experiment was so much fun and the children were amazed at how far it went in the air!

    Another group of students have also been busy making their own Volcanoes as well by using sand, vinegar and bicarbonate soda. Our sensory group have been exploring Earthquakes and simulating how one might feel by using large vibrating cushions, a parachute and different sound effects.

    Homework task: This weeks homework task in linked to our Numeracy lessons covering money. When your out with your family spending money this weekend please take some pictures so we can share with your class.

    We hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to hearing all of your news.

    Love Class 2 🙂 x x x


  9. ‘What’s in the media’

    September 21, 2017 by eroberts

    We have had a fantastic week in Class 2! It sure has flown by! This week our class blog will be letting you all know about how we are getting on in our Citizenship lessons. We have had a great week of really getting to know ‘what’s in the media’. We begin our Citizenship lesson as a whole class sat in a circle all understanding about what we might find in the media. After our discussion we get stuck in with our groups.

    Some of us have been working together using our excellent cutting and sticking skills by picking out articles from newspapers which will become a collage for our news studio backdrop.

    A small group of us have also been picking articles from newspapers and using our own voices to make a headline onto switches.


    Homework task : This weeks homework task is linked to both our Citizenship and D.T lessons. We would like you all to practice your cutting skills with help from an adult. Please feel free to send in any photographs to the class 2 email.

    We all hope you have a fantastic weekend and we look forward to hearing all your weekend news on Monday 🙂

    Love Class 2 x x x x

  10. Volcanoes & Earthquakes

    September 14, 2017 by eroberts

    It has been a busy week in Class 2! During Geography we have been learning all about volcanoes and earthquakes. The children got stuck in and really enjoyed learning how to make an eruption! It was very messy but lots of fun! Also during the circle discussion we experienced what an earthquake would feel like. We each had hold of the parachute and shook it whilst listening to different noises of an earthquake. We also sat on vibrating cushions to learn how it would feel in an earthquake.

    We were investigating reactions and using the following ingredients: vinegar, baking soda, shaving foam & play do to form an eruption of our own.

    Homework task: The homework task for this week will be to take pictures of different textiles around your houses such as curtains, towels and furniture.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone!

    Love Class 2 🙂 x x x